Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It is about your Obedience

I love to sew because it’s some of the best time for me in the presence of God.  While I sew I find I have peace and clarity in my thinking and when I don't have peace and clarity I know something is wrong.  

I've been trying to cut two outfits out.  One outfit is an olive green and the other is a chocolate brown fully lined suit.  I've found myself trying to cut these two suits for over two years and I've been gripped with fear and anxiety every time I try to finish cutting them out.  I shared this with a friend who told me I should find out where this fear is coming from since fear isn't normal in this situation.  I prayed and asked God for insight into this problem and God played me a video to show me where this has come from.  A few years ago a lady asked me to make her a suit.  I initially told her no because God said no but she wore me down.  To keep her from asking me anymore I agreed to do it.  It was a nightmare!  I had the most trouble making that suit.  The fear and anxiety came into my life because of my disobedience.  I've been asking God to remove this from my life but I realized that the fear and anxiety will not go away until I tackle the problem.  I had to repent and ask for forgiveness and come to terms that obedience is better than sacrifice.   

I recently pulled the fabric out to finish cutting out the suits and the fear was not there.  Now the suits are cut and ready to be made.  The message in this for me is when God says no he means no and when we are disobedient we don’t know what doors we open into our lives.  We open these doors and then we ask God why is this happening to me?  We need to stop blaming God and take an  inventory of our lives.  God is such a loving and redeeming God that He will still come alongside us and take our hand and walk with us.  

Be obedient to the word and the will of God.  

Obedience is better than sacrifice.  

It is about your obedience.

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