Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Heart Transplant

Jesus looks on our heart
while man looks at the outward appearance.

When David sinned he ask God to create in him a clean heart.  That is what God wants to do in each of us.  To create a clean heart in us we have to allow Him to come into the hard places and do a work in us.  This can only happen if we are willing to let Him come in and do a heart transplant.

When we go through a heart transplant there is pain involved.  It is what is in our heart that causes that pain, that keeps us bound such as unforgiveness, jealousy, envy, strife, bitterness and so much more.  A heart transplant requires the surgeon to come in and remove the old heart and put a new one in.  Jesus is the surgeon, the great physician, who can clean our heart up so we can truly walk with Him like we are called to.  Jesus will renew a right spirit within us to maintain that clean heart.  We need to let the Holy Spirit come in to help us stay clean.

So, are you ready for a heart transplant?