Monday, December 27, 2010

Unveiling The Woman Within

Women, we need to embrace our feminine side. 

Femininity does not mean frills, lace and fluff.  It is unveiling the woman within... the nurturer, the loving, caring person.  We need to find our inner beauty.  Society defines beauty as skinny and tall while God's definition of beauty is learning to love the person God created us to be... because we are created in his image.  Once you find and know your purpose the true "you" shines through and that is God's definition of who we are.  As women we need to stop finding fault with ourselves 'cause when we do that we are telling God HE made a mistake.  And God does not make mistakes. 

Women are emotional beings.  God put that in us so why does society mistake it for weakness?  Tears are cleansing, we shed them for many different reasons... for joy, sadness and when God opens the closets of our lives because he wants to make us whole and complete.  Women, God created us to come alongside our husbands... to love and help them not dominate and control them. 

Speaking to that little girl in each one of us that is longing to come out.  For all the little girls who will do whatever it takes to get daddy's attention, this word is for you.  We figure if Daddy won't give us the attention we need or feel we deserve then we will try to become the son that he wanted or will pay attention to in order to get his attention.  So to that special little girl, you don't have to become the son, be the woman God created you to be and understand that God loves you the way you are...  Because we are created in the image of God... so embrace the woman within.


  1. I'm not sure just telling girls to be feminine will solve the problem. If they crave paternal attention and acting like boys will get them it, then what's the motivation to stop?

  2. As I read this I see it pointed at the little girl "in each one of us" not at little girls. We as women have been told by society to become more masculine and to hide the feminine as if our nurturing side is somehow flawed. Until we can truly accept the feminine "feeling woman" God made in us, ...accept that this is what he wanted when he made us, we will always be trying hard to "BE" the masculine, hard unfeeling "sons" we think our "fathers" and "father figures" actually wanted. In doing this we hinder our own ability to "BE" who we were made to be.... and do what we are called to do.

  3. That makes sense. I was just pointing out that many fathers actually encourage their daughters to be more masculine. You're suggesting that it's just something we think they want, when they really do actively discourage feminine behavior in their daughters, criticize women for being women, etc. That is what makes a lot of women blindly worship masculinity and strive to be a man herself.