Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From Victim to Victorious

As a victim of rape and molestation I have often wondered how do I get free from being a victim?  I realized I was asking the wrong question because only God can do that through us.  When we let Christ in our hearts then the process can begin.  We have to learn how to see Jesus in the midst of the circumstances and how He protected us …how He kept us from loosing our minds, or even when there is a mental break, …how He kept us.  As long as we focus on the circumstance we will never see Jesus as the protector, the healer and the lover of our souls.  We have to take our eyes off the circumstances and focus on Jesus.  When Peter focused on Jesus he could walk on water when he took his eyes off Jesus he began to sink. 

There are several ways to travel this road from victim to victorious but this is the one that worked for me.  I had to learn how to forgive the person that hurt me …but first of all I had to forgive myself and let go of them.
Forgiveness is a daily walk.  Sometimes a smell, sound or a word can trigger a memory but we still have to choose to forgive.  It is not your fault.  When we walk in un-forgiveness we carry that person around our neck and they are choking us to death.  When we forgive them they no longer have power over us and we are free to be victorious.  At this point we can call all our “parts” back home to us to become that whole and complete person that we were designed to be.  Forgiveness is freedom and now we are victorious and are no longer a victim. 

Christ died to set us free now walk in freedom with Christ Jesus.  Take hold of your victory and let Christ show you how to walk victoriously.

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